Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Chick Pad

The first part of this week was spent finishing up the chicken coop and preparing the brooder, among other things. We got some pine chipped up and layered the coop with about 2 inches of it. We also got the nest boxes in place (old kitty litter buckets), and the waterer and feeder in place.

I made the brooder out of an old tool chest that came out of the bed of a pickup truck. I used an angle grinder and removed the lid, sanded off all sharp objects, and removed all rust.I washed it in some bleach water and let it dry in the sun. Bernie made me a super cool lid for it out of 2 X 4s and some screen. He hinged about half of it so I can easily lift it and get inside to clean or tend to (you can read play with) the chicks. It's in a tiny, crowded spare bedroom, but I don't think they'll mind.


Our method for adjusting the heat from the heat lamp is very high tech. It involves being clamped on a dresser drawer and the drawer is determined by it's height from the brooder and the desired temperature. I've tested it on various drawers and have pretty much figured out where it needs to be positioned over the period of the first two weeks the babies will be inside.


So there you have it - the Chick Pad. They'll be here in a little over a week. I went to the post office and chatted with them about the expected arrival. The lady I spoke with wrote everything down on a piece of card board she tore off of a box and posted it on a bulletin board. She assured me they would give me a call the minute the little chicks arrived. She said if they make it in on the morning shipment, they'll call me about 6:30AM to come get the chicks. If they make it in on the evening shipment, they'll call me around 2:00PM. Either way, I'll be "on ready" to go pick up my babies.

We're heading down to spend a week with my parents for their 50th anniversary. We have someone coming in to look after the cats. I broke the news to Elvis and Priscilla tonight. They took it pretty hard.


Within a day or two of our return home, the chicks should be here. Yay! And you'll be the first to know about it!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas!

Bee Free,


MommyMommy said...

6:30??? Boy are you lucky! Our post office calls us at 4 am to pick up chicks. it is grat fun trying to sneak out of the house and stay awake enough to get everything handled that early!!! said...

I was surprised it wasn't earlier too. Most people seem to say they get EARLY morning calls like you! But I plan to have the brooder set up with heat and food the night before and then just have the sugar water to worry about. I can't wait!!!!

Michele said...

Happy to have found your blog. We're in North Idaho and just beginning to think about having a small group of chickens. Will look forward to following your adventures. Hope those babies arrive soon. said...

Hi Michele - glad you found our blog. Thanks for commenting. The chicks are here! I just posted about it and put up a couple of pictures. I LOVE THEM!!! We'll see how the following weeks go - but right now I would say order those chicks! They are adorable.