Sunday, April 22, 2007

Set Those Puppies Free!

Well, today was another gorgeous day and we got up early to go down to the apiary and remove the hive reducers so the bees could freely enter and exit the hives. I wish you could have seen how happy they were! I put some pictures up on The Bee Buzz website.

Afterwards we finally had time to walk around the property and could not believe the damage that storm caused. There were more uprooted and fallen trees than I could count. It was pretty depressing. We were really depressed to find that a tree that housed a tree stand was uprooted. It was one of the nicer stands and a favorite of our friend, Eddie. He claimed that stand as his and anytime he hunts our property, he goes to that stand. Bernie named it "Eddie's Last Stand". We haven't told him it's gone yet. We just dread it. You can check out some pictures of it and other damage on the Back To Basic Living website.

Next weekend we have a list of about a thousand things to do on the homestead. We'll prioritize them this week and figure out what we can accomplish. I'll be sure to put up pictures and write about what ever we decide to do.

Bee Free,

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