Saturday, April 28, 2007

April Showers Bring......

Grass. Lots of tall grass. Which is a good thing, because this homestead needs some more grass. We've been tracking in mud for a year and after over-seeding in the fall and early spring, we finally have some grass. And that means we need to mow and weed eat. Which is what we did today.

We were supposed to do bee hive inspections, but since it didn't get above 60 degrees, we had to delay that. Even though it was cool, the bees were really very active. It was awesome to watch them. I wrote about it on The Bee Buzz blog, and put pictures up on the website.

We walked around the property and were happy to find a great number of dogwood and redbud trees in bloom. The wild cherry trees have been blooming for a couple of weeks - along with a couple of apple trees. There were a few other trees blooming that I don't recognize. Soon we'll be seeing some blue berries and black berries. I hope I can get to them before the bears and birds eat all of them.

Bee Free,

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