Sunday, April 15, 2007

All Washed Up

It was a rainy weekend at the homestead. It was cloudy and misty when we got up Saturday, and it started raining before noon. It rained all day and all night - and was still raining when we left. The two creeks that our driveway passes over were full, and I'm fairly certain they will likely cover the road before this is all said and done. We haven't had this much rain in quite a while. Hopefully not all of the grass seed we've spread around will wash into the woods. It would be nice if at least a little stayed in the yard and sprouted.

Because of the weather, we didn't get out on the property much and spent the time relaxing a little and keeping a nice fire stoked. I did want to mention that after I checked the bees last weekend and started walking back up the driveway toward the house, a red fox pranced right across the road in front of me. He never even gave me a glance. He sure was pretty, and I couldn't help but hope he doesn't end up in our chicken coop once we get settled out there.

The bees are fine. Friday evening when we arrived they were buzzing around the outside of the hives. They're safely snuggled up in the hives trying to stay warm and dry today.

Bee Free,

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