Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicken Coop DeVille

I ordered my chickens today. Yay! They are scheduled to arrive the 19th or 20th of May. The post office is supposed to call me when they get there so I can rush over to bring my chicks home.

It's pretty late for ordering chickens this year, so I was very limited in my choices. I ordered a variety of Phoenix, Golden Pencil Hamburgs, White Faced Black Spanish, Silver Leghorns and Silver Gray Dorkings. I ordered 23 hens, and 2 roosters. Bernie isn't so thrilled at the idea of having roosters around, but I love watching them and all their antics, so I ordered them and asked for his forgiveness afterwards. He didn't seem too terribly upset. I think he was just happy that I quit singing my chicken song to him. I ordered from Murry McMurray's, and they throw in a free exotic chicken with every order. So we'll end up with 26 little baby chicks. I can hardly wait. McMurray has an excellent reputation for sending healthy chicks, and getting the sex correct the majority of the time.

I also put a new page up on the website with pictures of the erection of the Chicken Coop DeVille. Check it out!

Bee Free,


Suz said...

Nice coop!!
I got my first chickens last fall and they have just started laying. I have some roos too.
Our first coop was a "chick'n'barn" that we *bought* .. we weren't handy enough to build our own. But we are getting better, and contemplating all sorts of structures with various levels of grandiosity. :)
A that gives rise to a question I have for you about your Coupe Deville: is the floor structure of your coop still just resting on top of those 4x4s?
Good luck with your birds!!

Suzanne Gagnon
North Hero, VT

ps: Check out my chicken stories on my homesteading blog at

pps: Thanks for your website & blog. They have been inspirational to me and a lot of others too, I bet. said...

Hi Suzanne! Yes - the coop foundation is cinder blocks with the 4X4's on them. We nailed those 16 inches on center to the large board you can see at the front of them. Then we laid and hammered the flooring to that base. We had two sheds built here and used those as the model for building the coop. Trust me - if WE can do it, YOU can do it! We've never built a thing in our lives!

Take care,