Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Think I Know How Dorothy Felt

Wow - we've got some wind going on here. Serious wind. And it's cold. The only thing I dislike more than cold, is wind and cold. And bee eating skunks. And it's a close toss up between those.

It's been an absolutely relaxing weekend. I had planned to spend time in my office trying to organize my business stuff for tax time - and by "organize" I mean actually beginning the book keeping that I have been ignoring the past few weeks. Instead, we actually got out. I am not kidding. I left the homestead both on Saturday and on Sunday. Not only did I go willingly, I actually enjoyed myself. I'm pretty sure this is a record.

Saturday we went into town to deliver some of my soaps, stop by the house we have there and clean up the yard a bit, and visit with Tex and Charlotte at their shop for a few minutes. On the way home, we got a call from a buddy that was with a couple more friends on bikes close by to meet them all for lunch. Our friend is a bit of a hotdog, and being on a bike with a side car is really too much temptation for him. He's sincerely not mature enough to ride a bike with a side car, as he tends to ride it with the side car in the air pretty much the entire time. We all met up, and then left to head to Arby's - our friend with the side car in the air the entire way. Long story short, in spite of the state police, local police, and Gang Task Force that followed our friends into the parking lot to harass them a bit, we had a nice lunch. It's not illegal to lean and pull a side car up in the air, but it sure doesn't make the Counties Finest very happy. We had a nice lunch and then Bernie and I headed home.

Today we hooked up with Charlotte and Tex and did a bit of shopping in the large metropolis of Winchester. Winchester has a Price Club. They also have Michael's and Gander Mountain. The boys headed off to Gander Mountain and Charlotte and I attacked Michael's. Although we found a few items worth purchasing at Michael's, Charlotte and I decided we needed to walk over to Linens-n-Things. We did pretty good there, but still not completely satisfied, we headed over to Target's. We scored there, even though we had no luck at Lowe's in the Home Organization section. By the time we were finishing up, the boys called. We all hooked up at Costco and while Charlotte and I ran through the store fulfilling our shopping lists, the boys wandered through the electronics section. We all ate a hotdog together and called it a day.

I am exhausted from the experience. That's the largest number of people I've been around in one weekend in many months. Unless you count Richmond - and one of those mother humpers managed to make me sick. I better not get sick again. If I do, I'm banishing myself forever to the homestead. That'll show them.

We made it back to the homestead and wind. Lots and lots of wind. I'll be frankly amazed if I finish this without the electric going out. Although if it does, I won't have to cook supper..... on second thought.... BLOW, WIND BLOW. BLOW LIKE THE WIND!

Bee Free,


QuiltingFitzy said...

My dd(25) has a 2007 BMW WWII replica bike with a sidecar. It's the funniest thing you've ever seen, lol.

Figured out the feedback, hey! I'm no dumby, lol.

Guess I shouldn't tell you it's been 75 and yummy for the last 3 days? Hope your weather is settling. said...

I did see the feedback on Etsy - thank you!

75 degrees???? I'd be happy to have it reach 40 here! At least the wind died down.

The BMW's are sure nice bikes. Our friend with the sidecar has it on a BMW too - I bet your daughter's WWII replica looks really cool! And I'm certain she's more mature at 25 than our friend is at almost 50!