Sunday, September 02, 2007

Loving Life on the Homestead

We're really enjoying the feeling of being on our homestead permanently. My Dear John wrote to tell me that this euphoric feeling will pass as soon as the burden of responsibility takes hold - but I have news for you, My Dear John. As much as I know you are absolutely right, you are not going to rain on my parade! I am going to take advantage of this feeling for as long as I can convince it to last.

We robbed honey from the bees yesterday and ended up with 77 pints! We are quite thrilled about that. I can not describe the flavor it adds to a cup of coffee. Possitively exquisite. I wrote all about it on The Bee Buzz blog and even put up a few pictures. Check it out!

Eddie and Gigi came out this morning and spent the whole day helping us get this place ready to start moving stuff from our house in town into it. It was a full day job. Bernie and I are pack-rats and you'd be amazed what we can collect in a year. At any rate, we're all set to start moving tomorrow. Thanks a million Eddie and Gigi! Afterwards Bernie grilled us some burger and dogs over an oak wood fire. We eat good on the homestead.

That's it for now from the homestead. Check out The Bee Buzz blog and think about getting your own hives. They are very little trouble, a simple joy to watch, give you plenty of honey to enjoy, and are so necessary for plant pollination. You'd have a difficult time not falling in love with them.

Bee Free!



Chainsaw said...

Ya'll could not have picked a better time to make the move... Labor Day weekend.

Has a bit of irony to it, huh? said...

Chainsaw, you got that right! We started at 8AM and didn't finish until about 8PM - and we still aren't finished. But we got the lion's share of it. And it sure is nice going to bed and waking up knowing that we aren't leaving any time soon!

Take good care.