Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bee pictures displaying in Internet Exploder

Well, I did a pretty awful job of testing before I launched the new Bee Buzz website. The picture page wasn't properly displaying in the Internet Explorer web browser. I really don't like Internet Explorer for exactly that reason. The webpage showed up fine in Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, etc. but NOOOOOO..... not in Internet Exploder.

At any rate, the pages are fixed now. You can now properly view the pictures of when we first got the bees (originally posted on the Back to Basic Living website) and you can now properly view the latest pictures of the bees - even if you're using Internet Exploder.

I also started a blog about the bees you may want to look into.

I've given you a ton of links to check out, so I'll sign off you can get busy checking them out!

Bee Free,

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