Monday, September 15, 2008

Egg On My Face

I've always heard that placing a golf ball, or some type of fake egg, in a nest box will encourage chickens to lay their eggs in the nest boxes, rather than on the floor or other places. I was reminded of that this weekend when I read a post on a chicken forum from someone who was having trouble getting her chickens to lay eggs in their nest boxes. I remembered that I had some fake plastic eggs that came with an egg basket I inherited from someone a little while ago. I got to thinking that my hens are just about at the laying age, so I grabbed the plastic eggs and set one in each nest box last night. And then I completely forgot all about them.

This morning I opened the chicken door to let the chickens out and, as I do each morning, I opened the "human" door to walk inside the coop and make sure there was plenty of food and water. I looked over at the hen boxes and almost screamed for joy. Eggs! Perfectly beautiful eggs! My heart was beating uncontrollably. I thought I would cry. I kept thinking "They are so white, so perfectly formed, so clean, so large, and there is one in each box! One in each box? Wait a minute.... those..... are...... plastic." I was looking at the plastic eggs I had placed in those boxes just the night before.

I'm sure I turned every shade of red. But it does give me hope. If my chickens are half as stupid as I am, they may just really believe those are real eggs in those nest boxes and lay theirs right beside them.

Lordy, I sure hope they fall for it. If they don't, you'll never know. I promise.

Bee Free,


Kelly or Alex said...

Just think how impressed the hens were with the eggs! I bet they thought you did a real great job. Wait until you get the egg the shape of a marble and about the size of a nickle. We still have it on the counter to show anyone who stops by. I'm kinda afraid to crack it now. Hmmmmm.
Kelly said...

I don't blame you for saving that first egg - I'm certain I'll do the same! I'm excited to see the first eggs these girls lay for me. My mother-in-law recalled a method she used to sort of "dry" whole eggs one Easter. She's going to try to get me the details. I'll be sure to share it when she sends it.

Take care,