Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finless and Fancy Free

I had my fin removed yesterday. The only painful part was the 50,000 times he stuck me with a needle to deaden my mouth. There was no way pain was going to sneak through all the Novocaine he shot in there. My entire head was numb by the time he got started. I won't give you all the gory details, but you can imagine just how pleasant it is to see items entering your mouth that look and sound like the tools your husband uses while working on a car engine. Finally, Dr. Specialist announced "There it is! I see your fin. I wish I could take a picture for you to put on your blog." I had a moment of absolute horror as I wondered if he had actually read my blog, but then decided he was just a little techno-savvy and being chatty. Otherwise I am certain he would have commented on my wonderful drawing. He sewed in six stitches and I was on my merry way.

So the fin is gone and other than a few minutes of discomfort as the Novocaine wore off, I'm really feeling just fine. So fine, in fact, that I actually made another batch of soap today. My niece called to inform me that she loves my soap, but her husband doesn't care for all the girly smells. So I decided to make a batch especially for him. I used my mold that makes over sized bars again - and this time I colored it black and stirred in white confetti soap. Then I used the blender to whip up a bit of the soap that I had removed before adding the black color and spread a layer of white topping on the black soap. I know how it's supposed to look, but I have no idea how it will actually turn out. I scented it with a fragrance oil that smells like Polo Sport for Men. I'll cut it tomorrow and if it turns out half way decent, I'll post a picture here. Since "Polo Sport for Men" is taken, I'm calling this one Troy because, well, it was inspired by Troy. I am so darn creative.

Lobby Day at our Capitol went really well and we spoke to as many representatives as we could pin down. We're writing the ones we missed and Bernie will be back down there a few more times this session. They may not vote the way we want them to, but certainly they won't vote before knowing how we feel about it.

Between shuttling me to the dentist and trying to keep up with things around here, Bernie's been chipping ice off the driveway. We have a fairly steep hill just before you get to the house that was covered in ice and getting a bit scary to maneuver. For my daily outing, I took the Trail Blazer down to check mail and was quite pleased with the job he did on the driveway. I don't mind excitement, but that driveway was getting just a little more exciting than I like. It's fine now and he finished it just in time for it to start snowing again. Hopefully it's just a flurry. But I don't trust Old Man Winter. You may remember we ended up with eight inches of snow after predicted flurries last year.

We're still plugging along on the homestead. The ground is too frozen to put in fence posts right now. Bernie still has some trees to deal with that fell during various storms this winter. We'll just add that to the never ending list of things that keep us busy and happy around here.

Bee Free,

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