Friday, June 22, 2007

You Wascally Wabbit

We are overrun with rabbits. I'm sure I've never seen as many rabbits as I have this year. We can't walk outside without seeing a rabbit or two hop through the yard.

When we got to the homestead tonight, we scattered several rabbits as we pulled into the driveway. A little while later we went down to take care of a few things and check on the bees, and while we were there a rabbit hopped out of the woods and sat very close to where we were standing. He didn't look even slightly worried. That really surprised me. Did he have no clue what-so-ever where he lands on the food chain? Apparently not. Does this guy look even a little concerned to you?

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I didn't think so.

Anyone have a good rabbit recipe to share?

Bee free, Penny


Chainsaw said...

Hi Bernie and Penny.
It's been a little while since I've been over to Back to Basic Living, but I'm all caught up now on your postings.

I did some Catfish filet Parmasean a while back that was a no-brainer and came out so good that we have to limit ourselves to eating it so much that we get burned out on it.

Being the Cro-Mag that I am when it comes to wild food, on this portion of your blog I had to give you a link to a boatload of bunny dishes. said...

That's what I'm talking about! Thanks for the recipes. They'll come in handy. I reckon we've got about 10 rabbits for each recipe I found there! They will be put to good use.