Sunday, January 21, 2007

Prison Wine and Grass Roots Activism

I rarely make two posts in one day, but I forgot to tell y'all a couple of things and I read somewhere that in order to have a successful blog, you shouldn't make long posts. I have a tendency to do that, so I decided that rather than add to the previous post and make it longer, I would just create another.

I told y'all about the Albatross Prison Wine I made and promised an update when I started another batch. Well, I started another batch on January 9th using concord grapes. It's bubbling as we speak - and it's really smelling like alcohol already! I'll let y'all know how it turns out in a few weeks.

I mentioned before that Bernie and I are grass roots activists. I didn't post last weekend because we spent Saturday - Monday in Richmond, at our capitol, for Lobby Day. Bernie actually took vacation and sayed a few extra days. If you've never participated in Lobby Day, I strongly encourage you to do so in the future. While I would hope you let your legislators know what's important to you through out the year, meeting with them on Lobby Day is an excellent opportunity to let them know about legislation that is important to you. If you live in Virginia, you can view the mass amount of legislation that will be considered this year on the Legislative Information System. The shear volumn is staggering. You can search for specific legislation on the Bills and Resolutions page. Get involved! As they say, the only time your rights are protected is when the legislature is not in session.

Bee Free,


Redhen said...

Hi, Penny, nice to "meet" you. I followed your links from the VAHomesteader list and am putting a link to your blog on mine. Please visit my farm at and I'm sure we'll be talking online!


Penny said...

Hi Redhen - thanks for dropping by! I tried to get to your blog, but it appears that maybe the link you provided is incorrect? I got a "Page not found" message from blogspot.....